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Dr. Hui Pan
Conference Co-Chair
Chief Economist
IGI Group

Tara Giunta
Conference Co-Chair
Paul Hastings
On Thursday, May 24th 2007, IGI Group and Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP will host the 4th annual ChinaTel Forum in conjunction with the IndiaTel Forum the following day.

Registrants are encouraged to attend both days to get the best possible picture of the new face of emerging global telecom markets.

The ChinaTel Forum 2007 program will cover exciting topics and opportunities ranging from China's international telecom traffic to the overall investment atmosphere.

You Will Learn About These Exciting Opportunities at the ChinaTel Forum 2007:

  • China’s International Telecom Traffic And Demand Forecast
  • Global Expansion Activities By Chinese Vendors And Carriers
  • Submarine Cable Capacities In China and The Asia Pacific Region
  • Chinese Government Initiatives to Push for Domestic Standards
  • Chinese Carriers’ Investment Priorities
  • 3G Mobile Licensing and Development
  • Broadband Markets: DSL, Cable And FTTx
  • WiMax, Wi-Fi, And Value-Added Services
  • New Telecom Regulations On IPTV And VoIP
  • Progress and Problems with WTO Commitment
  • Telecom Market Access and Problems Foreign Companies Encounter
  • Telecom Services Market and Investment Environment
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